Vision & Core Values

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      By the Numbers

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      • Vision & Core Values

        • Our vision is to be a district where innovation thrives and growth is limitless.
        • We value choices because they make us unique and are critical to learning.
        • We value a collaborative culture that honors and supports all who positively impact the lives of our students.
        • We value an environment of belonging that respects individual differences and ensures equality for all.
        • We value relationships that broaden learning experiences and enrich our community.

        By the Numbers

        • 2,420 survey responses
        • 60 one-hour interviews
        • 15 student workshop participants
        • 30 community members
        • 24 hours 
        • 2 facilitators



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          • The process to identify the district’s core values and vision statement took nearly three months. Working with CSG, we kicked off on September 20, 2021, with an event at Waxahachie High School, which all stakeholders in the community were invited to attend. Our survey also launched that night and was open for approximately a month, during which time we received more than 2,400 responses from throughout the community. 


            A diverse group of 60 stakeholders, including current and former students, parents, teachers, district staff, and community members, participated in one-hour one-on-one interviews with the CSG staff throughout the month of October 2021.


            All of the data collected from the surveys and interviews was synthesized, and four common themes were identified, which became the basis of the district’s core values. The first group to review this information was a group of 15 junior high and high school students from throughout the district. They were phenomenal and provided us with some great feedback.


            The final group of 30 stakeholders, including students, teachers, staff members, parents, and community members, formed the alignment team. They spent a total of 24 hours over two days in November 2021 poring over the data and working to be the voice of the community. 


          • What company did you work with throughout this process?

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            We worked with CSG to facilitate the core values and vision process.

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          • Who were the 30 members of the core values and vision alignment team?

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            Nadia White, student; Tatum Griffith, student; Tyler Averett, student; Samantha Christian, student; Emily Speelman, student; Kip Fedora, parent and business owner; Whitney Laza, teacher, parent, and former student; Amanda Grammer, teacher and parent; Dana Scott, teacher and coach; Norma Tosch, teacher and grandparent; Jennifer Hamby, teacher, parent, and former student; Adrian Cooper, staff member, parent, and pastor; Ashley Treat, Director of CTE; Eric McCarty, parent and Curriculum Coordinator; Ashley Cieri, parent and Instructional Technology Coordinator; Derek Zandt, principal, parent, and former student; Jessica Nelson, assistant principal, parent, and former student; Karina White, assistant principal and parent; Tanisha Malone, principal and parent; Tonya Harris, principal; Ryan Kahlden, CFO and parent; Stefani Foster, principal and parent; Rich Armstrong, lead band director; Travis Smith, former student and current City Council member; Julie Farrar, former student; Clay Schoolfield, parent, board member, and former student; Laurie Mosley, community member; David McSpadden, community member; Debbie Timmermann, grandparent, former educator, and board member; Jackie Mims, community member.

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          • Who were the 60 people who participated in the in-depth interviews?

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            Part of the interview process included anonymity for the participants, to ensure they felt free to be open and honest.  Participants included students (8th-12th grade); parents; teachers from multiple grade levels; representatives from athletics, fine arts, and CTE; administrators; special education staff; support services staff; former students; district retirees; a City Council member; business leaders; community leaders; and board members.

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          • How were the interview subjects and alignment team chosen?

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            These people were carefully chosen by district administrators and approved by the Board of Trustees. We are grateful to these community members for their time and input.

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